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Cursive Eats Guitars in A.V. Undercover

Do you watch the A.V. Undercover videos?  It’s basically just great bands covering goofy, ultra-popular old songs.  I really like the newest one they put up.  Cursive Eats Guitars (Cursive + Cymbals Eat Guitars) cover “Hey Jealousy” by Gin Blossoms.  Cursive is great.  You agree.  Watch it.

Cursive and Cymbals Eat Guitars cover Gin Blossoms

It’s going to be exciting couple weeks for local comedy.  This is where I’ll be telling jokes and being weird for the next two weeks.  Come say hi.

03.06 — OPEN MICROPHONE: Comedy Open Mic at Bongo Java, 9 PM

03.07 — Dive Laughing at Springwater, 9 PM

03.11 — SmartyPants Open Mic at Steve’s, 8 PM

03.14 — OPEN MICROPHONE at The Muse, 9 PM


More info:

So the “best videos” are the ones where the husband is drunk and probably about to beat his wife and/or children?  LOLOLOLOL, domestic violence.  THANKS Jimmy Kimmel!


Super Prank of the Day: For his latest YouTube Challenge (previously, and), Jimmy Kimmel targeted adults for once, telling viewers to wait for a crucial moment during the Super Bowl, and then unplug or turn off the television.

Surprisingly, no humans were killed in the making of this prank.


(Source: thedailywhat)

We should all go ahead and prepare for our moms and aunts and grandparents to email us this video and a message that says:

"Oh my gosh!  I just saw this video on the news, and this little boy sure can DANCE!  Laughing out loud!  Hope you have a great weekend.  Happy late Groundhog’s Day! ICU soon, love Mom"

But seriously, that kid is nailing it.  Happy late Groundhog Day!


You Won’t

I don’t know how to review music like a professional reviewer of things, so here’s what I’ll say about this band:  ”They’re pretty good… to my ears.  I hope that you like them, too!  But if not, that’s okay, some people are allowed to not like things that other people really like and no one has to YELL ABOUT IT!”  Great review?  Probably the best?  Read more reviews just like it at .

This song has one of those things that happen in dubstep where it gets loud and crunchy sounding all of a sudden!  It’s called a drop, right?!

This song has a lot of clapping, and a positive outlook!


Please, no more laugh tracks.

For some reason, network TV robots decided that this year would herald the resurgence of multi-camera laugh track sitcoms (Whitney, Are You There Vodka, Work It, !Rob!, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, that new one with Tim Allen?, etc.)  Maybe there are merits to the genre?  I don’t know.  Try this: search YouTube for “no laugh track” and watch a few clips of “Friends” or “Big Bang Theory” or any number of revered shows, and you’ll see how lazy the writing seems when there’s no laugh track.  You know how hearing someone laugh makes you feel the urge to laugh even if you don’t know what the joke was?  Well, it’s because of psychology and neuroscience and social dominance and et cetera.  NYT published an enlightening article about importance and utilization of laughter as a social tool.  Here’s an except that hopefully doesn’t send us meandering too far away from my point:

So he went out into natural habitats — city sidewalks, suburban malls — and carefully observed thousands of “laugh episodes.” He found that 80 percent to 90 percent of them came after straight lines like “I know” or “I’ll see you guys later.” The witticisms that induced laughter rarely rose above the level of “You smell like you had a good workout.”

“Most prelaugh dialogue,” Professor Provine concluded in “Laughter,” his 2000 book, “is like that of an interminable television situation comedy scripted by an extremely ungifted writer.”

While I don’t think the blame rides fully with the writers, there has certainly been an influx of absolute garbage TV shows which replace character development and solid joke structure with banality, sexism, and verbal shock.  It seems many of these shows simply rely on the laugh track to scoot the audience along.  One of the worst offenders is the freshman comedy 2 Broke Girls on CBS.  Showrunner Michael Patrick King on 2 Broke Girls at a recent TCA panel discussion:

"Every conversation we’ve had about edge of ‘2 Broke Girls’ is based on extreme wit," said the non-humble King. "It’s a sharp wit. It’s about words. We seem to be offending people with the use of words rather than nudity. There has been no nudity on our show, and apparently there doesn’t need to be nudity to push an edge. So we’re more than happy to toil with our paint box of words and see what comes up."

What comes up? Often, it’s trite racial comedy, King’s concept of Williamsburg hipsters, and sharp, witty uses sexual humor.  Here is an example from the “And the 90’s Horse Party” episode.

LOL, lots of laffs.  Loved the handjob jokes.  ”MORE HANDJOB JOKES!” - everyone.  Listen, I understand that people will like the things that they like.  And who am I to say that the things that you like are bad things?!?  Let’s just agree to disagree.  And agree that the things that you like are bad things.


cut these out of your computer screen and give them to the people you love.



this is everywhere.  brian’s moves are undeniable.  incredible.


this is amazing.

my “friend” brian has ballz/skillz.  (i put “friend” in quotation marks because i haven’t talked to him since college…so really, how close could we be?)

…it probably doesn’t hurt that i actually like the song “baby.”  and that i saw the justin bieber movie.  in theaters.

Accidentally saw the preview for Ghost Rider 2: Ghost Riderer.  OOOOPS, sometimes life makes you make mistakes, but sometimes those mistakes remind you of good things like a compilation video of Nic Cage going berserk.  Merry Friday.


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The Dismemberment Plan
The Ice Of Boston

The Dismemberment Plan - The Ice of Boston

The Dismemberment Plan are great.  Were great?  They broke up in like 2003.  But then they toured again.  But now I think they are broken up again.  This is a New Year’s song, and I always seem to remember about it a few days before New Year’s and listen to it non-stop.  I’ll probably try to share it with people every single New Year’s, forever.

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